Banner Application Navigator Lite

This server hosts Banner XE Admin applications in a production environment. Access to applications is done by single sign-on through CAS. If you are not logged in to CAS already, your browser will be redirected to log in first.

Bookmark as your only portal for Banner XE production, since other URLs may change and invalidate your link.

If you have questions, contact the following groups for assistance:

Applications currently available in this environment:

Application Version URL
Banner 9.x Online Help
BEIS SSO Manager (INB) 8.2.1
BEIS SSO Manager (SSB) 8.2.1
Communication Management 9.3 SSB
eTranscript API
Position Description 9.1 SSB
Student Course Catalog
Student Overall
Student Registration
Student Registration Self-Service 9.4.1 SSB
Banner Workflow

Recent Updates (last monthish):

Older Updates: